Anniversary for Those Who Travel to Eat!

We've mentioned before in this blog that many Minnesota residents and visitors travel, at least in part, to enjoy good food.  Some of us really do travel to eat!.  We've mentioned Lange's Cafe in Pipestone in the past because of their wonderful pie selection.  Now, there is another milestone to note.  This family owner oasis in Southwest Minnesota is celebrating their 60th Anniversary this month.  This is amazing because they are open 24 hours a day and every day of the year.  They have been open continuously since March of 1956, which adds up to 21,915 days, which includes 15 "leap days!"  When you tally the hours it comes out to 525,600 hours of continuous service.  The decision to stay open around the clock won't be easy to change because the door keys were imbedded in the cement of the new front entry during a long ago remodeling!  Talk about dedication.  This is a small town cafe that is worth a trip, believe us!